How Camping Paradis maximizes its revenue with revbell

Discover the exclusive interview with Melany Navarro, Yield Director at Camping Paradis and Ushuaïa Village, on the successful implementation of revbell for pricing management at their campsites.

Can you please introduce yourself?

I am Melany Navarro, Yield Director, responsible for all aspects related to marketing, pricing, and revenue management for the Camping Paradis and Ushuaïa Village brands.

How did you come to work with N&C?

We had heard about the partnerships that N&C had established in the camping sector, particularly through revbell, their Yield Management tool. So, we reached out to N&C to explore collaboration possibilities and determine to what extent they could support us in achieving our growth objectives.

What challenges led you to invest in a solution like revbell?

Yield Management is a key element for our brands, as we place a significant emphasis on optimizing the revenues and turnover of our campsites. The acquisition of a Revenue Management System (RMS) was therefore a major challenge for us.

What particularly caught our attention with N&C and revbell is their ability to tailor their expertise to our improvement needs. During the tool demonstration, some features required adjustments to align with our working methods, and these adaptations were very well executed. That’s why we quickly transitioned to revbell.

How did the onboarding phase go?

The learning phase went very smoothly as we had several training sessions. We received dedicated support from the CSM team, with Cannelle and Pierrick guiding us, particularly for mapping and deployment.

They are very attentive to our needs and have implemented mechanisms to facilitate smooth communication, ensuring optimal responsiveness. Indeed, that is one of the reasons why we chose revbell.

Today, how does revbell integrate into your daily routine?

In January 2023, we implemented revbell for 26 of our campsites, allowing us to manage their entire 2023 season. Following this successful trial period, we expanded its usage to all of our 90 Camping Paradis campsites, as well as our owned campgrounds.

Currently, the campsites do not have access to revbell, but this will soon be the case. Cannelle is currently assisting me in the training sessions for the tool to facilitate its deployment across our campsites.

Currently, only the Yield team, consisting of 5 yielders, uses it daily as part of their duties. The integration is proceeding very positively, and new enhancements are currently in development. Once again, we are receiving excellent support.

For us, a typical day involves logging into revbell and starting to yield!

Which aspect of revbell do you particularly appreciate?

What I particularly appreciate about revbell is its ability to provide macro visibility with micro sensitivity, which is not always possible with other tools. This allows for a deep understanding of details while maintaining an overview at a glance. It’s a crucial feature for both myself and the management.

How did revbell help you?

revbell has significantly helped us by reducing the analysis time for our yielders. In terms of fluidity, the tool is more efficient than our previous solutions, and we also observe an improvement in the readability of information and data. While additional developments are needed to achieve perfection, we are on the right track and are very satisfied with the progress made.

We observe that one of the major barriers to the use of an RMS in the HPA is access to data. On this point, does revbell help you?

revbell can automatically connect to various PMS, ensuring notable accuracy in price adjustments and information retrieval. We have been working with Septeo for 4 years, and the tripartite collaboration is smooth. The precise data uplift secures our franchised campsites. It is essential for our service to have accurate information in order to optimize the revenues of our franchisees to the fullest extent.

N&C also worked with you on the consulting part, could you tell us more about that?

In terms of consulting, we approached N&C about two key aspects. Firstly, we worked on the pricing of the campsites, which involved pricing strategy and a more comprehensive, in-depth analysis on an annual basis.

Secondly, a very important aspect for us was the investment in the purchase of mobile homes. On our campsites, we aim to optimize investments, and it is with this perspective that we sought the advice of N&C to guide us in purchase decisions.

The support provided, particularly for the purchase of mobile homes, which has direct implications for profitability, margins and purchase costs, was very successful. Our various discussions quickly led to consistent and actionable conclusions, making the support effective and beneficial.

Do you have anything to add?

We are truly delighted to have chosen to switch to revbell. We feel heard and benefit from existing expertise, which reassures us.

The revbell teams are very responsive, even in the face of our numerous requests related to our reorganization, especially with the integration of our new brand. They provide excellent advice, and our joint projects are progressing well!

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