Hotel and multi-sector Revenue Management Systems

revbell by N&C is the Revenue Management platform that enables your teams to maximize your sales in real time, thanks to a perfect combination of artificial intelligence and business expertise.

Hotels, Campsites, Resorts, Cruises, Ferries, Amusement parks

1,000+ establishments maximize revenues with revbell

The best RMS is the one you can trust

artificial intelligence nancie revbell

To predict and optimize, we designed nancie, revbell’s artificial intelligence.

All alerts, recommendations and optimizations are explained both textually and graphically, so that recommendations are perfectly intelligible and the analyst can validate yield and pricing actions with complete confidence.

Multi-PMS, Multi-Property, revbell is the ideal platform to communicate through the Cloud, automatic emails or B.I and Excel extensions.

Thanks to a 2-way connection with your PMS or Channel Manager and detailed, customizable reports

Using revbell to make the right decisions at the right time with the right intensity: Prices, LOS Restrictions, Tariff Classes, Categories, Inventories

nancie recommendations are accepted
establishments have chosen revbell
average additional sales earned

Discover our features



Customize a simple dashboard with your key KPIs

Reporting and KPIs

Zoom and in-depth analysis of OTB, pick-up, forecast, and save your preferences

Business Intelligence

Automatic daily updates of B.I. or Excel solutions



Daily forecast calculation + 365 days

Automatic alerts and recommendations

Daily identification and prioritization of all situations to be controlled

2-way control

Real-time sending of optimizations to PMS and Channel Manager

Price recommendations

Optimization and management of multiple tariff levels

Restriction management

Optimization and management of length-of-stay or tariff class restrictions by product

Group rating

Price recommendations for your groups


Autonomous mapping

Mapping and segmentation of all booking dimensions

Automatic e-mail

Receive daily alerts, pick-ups and forecasts for the perimeter of your choice

Market Intelligence

Integration of competitor’s prices and calendar of events


Integrate your budget objectives into revbell

User alerts

Create your own alerts on 220+ performance indicators


Exporting data and customized digital boards

The RMS, which promises a revenue management experience
unique and comprehensive

Cockpit: Control your income with a comprehensive, intelligent screen

Guided by nancie’s recommendations, it’s the ideal screen for your Revenue Manager or Director to understand demand, control strategy and activate yield and pricing levers.

Reporting: Visualize your data and analyze trends

Dynamic, graphical, multi-dimensional numerical analysis for in-depth study of your performance, trends and forecasts.

Forecast: Anticipate future demand
via modeling

Plug-and-play modeling is suitable for a wide range of demand granularities. Become confident through modeling and continuous learning.

revbell is the first Revenue Management System to adapt to multiple industries

hotel revenue management


revenue management camping


revenue management ferry


ticketing revenue management


revenue management tourism residence

Tourism residence

revenue management boat rental

Boat rental

revenue management car rental

Car rental

revenue management theme park

Leisure park

revenue management museum


revenue management cruise


The Revenue Management System
connected to your ecosystem

Property Management System (PMS)

Rate Shopper

Channel Manager

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