revbell – Revenue Management System combining Artificial Intelligence and Industry Expertise

In the ever-evolving landscape of the hotel industry, professionals within this sector continually seek tools and solutions to maintain their competitive edge. It is in this context that Revbell, developed by N&C, stands out as an innovative Revenue Management System that combines artificial intelligence and industry expertise.

Revbell provides a comprehensive approach to Revenue Management for hotels, covering critical aspects such as pricing, Length of Stay (LOS) restrictions, categories, and inventories. But what makes revbell unique?

Unique and customizable dashboard

revbell offers a fully customizable dashboard that allows users to observe and analyze critical data, from a single screen. This dashboard provides key performance indicators (KPIs), year-over-year comparative analyses, and demand models tailored to specific dates. Users also have the flexibility to export data and customize the interface to align with their strategic preferences.

nancie: revbell's virtual analyst

comprehensive recommendations Nancie, the AI-driven virtual analyst at the heart of revbell, provides daily support by offering comprehensive recommendations on pricing strategies, rate categories, and length of stay. These recommendations are highly personalized and relevant to your specific data, ensuring their utmost suitability for your establishment.

nancie transforms artificial intelligence into a more human-friendly support system by providingdetailed recommendations for each data point and each hotel.. These recommendations are presented in both textual and graphical formats, ensuring optimal understanding. She will allow you the flexibility to allocate your time to other critical activities while ensuring your portfolio remains under control.

User Alert System

revbell’s user alert system allows the creation of customized rules in a matter of seconds to monitor specific situations. These situations may include dates without reservations for a certain number of days or dates experiencing a significant increase in bookings. This feature streamlines revenue management efficiently.

Customized Daily Reports

revbell simplifies day-to-day management by sending reports via email , providing a comprehensive overview of the situation. These reports include. personalized indicators, such as booking, forecasts, budget performance, and pick-up. They are delivered directly to your inbox, allowing revenue management teams to stay responsive and informed in real time. This feature is a valuable asset for revenue management professionals, hotel directors, and consultants looking to optimize their portfolios.

Mass Pricing Calendar

revbell’s mass pricing calendar allows you to have an overview of rates for all room categories at a glance. You can even adjust prices for all categories in a single operation, saving you valuable time. nancie’s recommendations are also available here to assist in making the best pricing decisions. This ensures that you always have competitive prices tailored to the ever-changing demand.

Self Mapping and Ecosystem Connection

Revbell’s self-mapping empowers users to configure data groupings across various levels while retaining original PMS data, making it invaluable for multi-PMS hoteliers to efficiently consolidate diverse segmentations. Furthermore, Revbell connects to your ecosystem, sending real-time rates to the PMS and Channel Manager.


In conclusion, Revbell emerges as an essential partner for hospitality professionals seeking a comprehensive, customizable, and innovative solution for Revenue Management. With features such as Nancie, the customizable dashboard, daily reports, and the user alert system, Revbell offers the necessary tools to optimize the financial performance of hotel establishments.

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