revbell announces new integration with CRS D-EDGE

Today’s hoteliers face many challenges in running their establishments efficiently. And one of these challenges is the management of online distribution channels. To successfully meet this challenge, it is essential to have a powerful CRS connected to their RMS.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce the integration of D-EDGE CRS with revbell. This connection will allow hoteliers to manage their rates and availability across multiple distribution channels in real-time.

D-EDGE is one of the leading CRS in the industry, allowing you to synchronize your rates, availability and content (property descriptions, photos…). Thanks to a complete range of solutions, you are sure to optimize your distribution and your revenues efficiently.

revbell is a Revenue Management System that uses artificial intelligence to guide you through every dimension of revenue optimization. revbell leverages your own historical data to help you make the best decisions quickly, clearly and comprehensively with over 300 KPIs and detailed recommendations.

Thanks to its intuitive and innovative platform, this integration meets all the criteria of our partnership policy.

What are the advantages of a connection between revbell and D-EDGE?

With this integration, hotels will be able to benefit from a complete solution to efficiently manage their online distribution. This includes automatic price and availability synchronization with D-EDGE, as well as reduced channel management costs. Hotels can also benefit from real-time access to channel performance and the impact of pricing on revenue.
In addition to rate and availability management, revbell also provides an in-depth analysis of online distribution performance, enabling hotels to optimize their distribution strategy.

We are confident that this new integration will help hoteliers manage their online distribution. N&C is proud of this partnership and looks forward to continuing to enhance this collaboration.

This connection is currently being tested in a pilot hotel. This will allow you to benefit in the future from an advanced and ultra functional connection.

Are you a D-EDGE user and want to learn more about the RMS revbell? Request a demo.

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